Saikiran Bomma Explains Why Physical and Mental Health are Equally Important and How They Are Connected

The Importance of Physical Health

People frequently neglect their physical health because they feel discouraged about maintaining healthy habits like eating right, exercising, and cutting back on substance use. People may feel that they have stressful lives and deserve to comfort themselves with emotional crutches like food. Many people also feel that they are too busy to institute a healthy exercise routine.

Eat a Proper Diet

One of the best ways to promote overall physical health is to eat a proper diet. Reducing the amount of fast food and other convenience foods that you eat can benefit the condition of your heart and your metabolism. Too much fat and salt can encourage heart disease, while too many carbohydrates and refined sugars can cause insulin resistance and lead to Type 2 diabetes.


Exercise builds cardiovascular health and endurance. It can help prevent and, in some cases, even reverse obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Everyone should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. This exercise doesn’t have to be all at once; you can also work it in during small periods when you take the stairs instead of the elevator or take brisk walks around the block.

Keep Up with Preventive Healthcare

At least once a year, see your primary care provider for a comprehensive physical with blood work. This can help to spot incipient medical problems before they cause major issues. High blood pressure, diabetes, and various kinds of cancer are all conditions that doctors screen for during annual exams.

Mental Health

Promoting mental health can be a delicate balancing act. Many of the same recommendations that are good for your physical health can impact your mental health for the better.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation can benefit both physical and mental health. Some psychiatrists and therapists prescribe yoga and meditation as a way for their patients to achieve mental and physical balance.

Why a Balance Between Mental and Physical Health is Important

According to Saikiran Bomma, everyone should pay close attention to both sides of their health. Worrisome symptoms from either side need to be addressed right away. Mental health, in particular, should not be swept under the rug or denied. There are many sources of help and support available for people experiencing depression, anxiety, and other disorders.



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Saikiran Bomma

Saikiran Bomma

Saikiran Bomma is an anthropology major and recent graduate from Penn State University.