Saikiran Bomma Shares the Best Everyday Organizational Tools

Saikiran Bomma

Apps and Websites

Electronic organization can help to de-clutter the mind as well as helping to keep up on current happenings in your life. These useful apps and websites will go a long way toward reining in your digital chaos.


LastPass is a password management service that can help you take control of the jumble of passwords that many people keep in unsecured files on their computers. With LastPass, you can log in on any computer and access your passwords. However, it would help if you were careful to avoid losing your master password since there is no other way to access your account.


Todoist is today’s best list-making app. It helps you organize all of your to-do lists in one place, integrating them with your personal project management information. It is best to approach personal to-do lists as if they pertain to your business activities, and Todoist helps people remain organized in their daily lives.


Evernote is an excellent alternative to native notes apps included on most smartphones today. Evernote helps you manage multiple projects and note-taking enterprises. It is also possible to use it for writing applications, with some authors using it to write books thanks to its innate organizational capabilities.

Organizational Tools for the Home

Moving on from the electronic organization, the home needs equal attention. Having a disorganized home can cause extra stress and unnecessary wasted time. Here are several excellent organizational tools to help you pull your home into shape.

Bins for the Pantry

Pantry shelves are often jumbled with food of various types. It can be hard to find things when it is time to make a recipe, especially when you hurry. Having bins on your shelves makes finding your food a snap. Pantry bins can also help to ensure that you use the oldest products first, rather than stacking new products in the front.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Our kitchen drawers are full of a jumble of utensils and catch-alls for many of us. Having drawer organizers can save time when it comes to searching for the exact utensil you need and cut down on the problem of overstuffed drawers that won’t close properly.

Lid Racks

Everyone has had the experience of struggling with their pots and pans cabinet and searching for lids to a particular pot or skillet. In kitchen supply stores and online, you can find adjustable pot lid racks that will help you organize your lids. You can also use these racks for any kitchen equipment that you want to store upright, like cutting boards and cookie sheets.

Hooks and File Holders for the Entryway

You should have a robust set of hooks in your entryway for coats, bags, purses, and other articles of clothing. This will encourage everyone in your family to hang their things rather than messily tossing them onto a bench or on the floor. Of course, children in particular need training to use organizational tools since their instinct is to drop something as soon as it’s not needed. Older teens and adults may also need a revamp of their habits.

Clear Plastic Bins

When you are putting out-of-season items away, it is best to use clear bins, so you immediately know which container you are looking for. This will save time and make your storage areas easier to access. Using bins will also keep mold, moisture, and pests from your valuable clothing and accessories.

The Importance of Organization at Home

Some people may believe the tired adage that a messy home fosters creativity, but the truth is that it creates unnecessary chaos, stress, and anxiety. Using these tools can help people control their time and save it for more important pursuits like spending time with family and friends. Saikiran Bomma uses these tools in her daily life to help pull all of the pieces of her life into focus.



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Saikiran Bomma

Saikiran Bomma

Saikiran Bomma is an anthropology major and recent graduate from Penn State University.