Saikiran Bomma Shares the Top Career Options for Anthropology Majors In 2021

What anthropology teaches you is to set aside your established norms and values and observe people within the context of their own cultures. These abilities to think out of the box, be open-minded and objective while being able to express yourself clearly, and put your observations down in lucid writing all set you on the right path to career success.

Saikiran Bomma of Fairfield County, Connecticut, is an anthropology student and a recent graduate from Penn State University. Having spent the last year of her undergraduate studies coping with the realities of being a student during a global pandemic, she has seen firsthand the kind of impact the pandemic has had on American students. However, she believes that anthropology majors have many career options in the 2021 job market.

Non-profit Organizations

Because of their ability to understand and connect with people from different cultures, anthropology majors are in high demand in non-governmental organizations. Many organizations including development banks and health organizations seek recent graduates with a degree in anthropology to fill in positions in international posts. According to Saikiran Bomma, these graduates understand the cultural needs of the people better than anybody else, which makes them more qualified to design programs that take the local customs and values into consideration.

But even if you don’t have international aspirations, you can still find your career path within your community helping non-profit organizations. From local schools to research and environmental organizations, your skills are always welcome where the community is involved.

Translation and Interpretation Fields

One of the best qualities that an anthropology degree provides you with is the ability to interact with people from different cultures, learning to respect their history and customs while getting exposure to their habits and values. These qualities make anthropology majors qualified for such jobs as translators and interpreters.

As an interpreter or a translator, you don’t just need to learn a different language, but also have a good grasp of the underlying components that make up that other culture. This is where your anthropology studies come in. Your knowledge of the different cultures put you in a good place to translate and communicate with the people from these cultures accurately. Here, you put your observational skills into good use and pick up on the subtle nuances that permeate every culture.

Academic Path

According to Saikiran Bomma, many anthropology majors prefer to stay on campus and pursue an academic career. Whether they choose to continue their education and get a higher degree or take part in the various research departments and laboratories on campus, many education institutions are always on the lookout for degree holders with their skills and qualifications.

Their people skills are what sets them apart. They have the ability to work with students, understand their issues, and solve any problems with a combination of empathy and professionalism. They can also write papers, conduct research, and write articles and academic papers. Academic fields open for anthropology majors are not just limited to anthropology. They can join programs related to linguistics, public health, and cultural and ethnic studies, among others.

Saikiran Bomma on Corporate Opportunities

Many industries look to employ anthropology majors in positions where they interact with the staff, especially in human resources. A big corporation with its own marketing department will benefit from an anthropologist on the team who knows how to conduct research on focus groups and tap into the changing customer behavior and shifting marketing trends, says Kiran Bomma of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Whatever career path you choose, your anthropology studies and training qualify you for many career opportunities in the 2021 job market.

Saikiran Bomma is an anthropology major and recent graduate from Penn State University.